When it comes to the security of your home, nothing tops the reliability of a smart lock system. The most advanced of all locks, the smart lock system can be remotely accessed and monitored at your own convenience and time. The smart lock system keeps your home or workplace safe from any intruders and saves you the inconvenience of having to unlock the door if you’re not there.

The smart lock system is becoming an increasing trend in Australia. Being tech savvy is almost a necessity these days and can save you a lot of trouble in the long term. If your children wanted to get inside and you are at work or at a party, you are just a few phone clicks away from unlocking the door and locking it again, all without a key! Furthermore, intruders will have a rather tough time trying to break into a house with smart locks. 

Some of the benefits of a smart lock:

  • Better accessibility: Since the Smart lock system is operated from your phone, you can remotely access and control your lock at any time. 
  • No more lockout situations: No need to worry about keys anymore and with that, all lockout situations as well.
  • Give others access: With this system, you can give anyone an eKey on their smart phone which will grant them access to your home.
  • Improve connectivity: You can integrate the smart lock system with your security system to give easy and on-demand monitoring of your home at all times.