Any handyman or handywoman will tell you that digital locks are hard to install and virtually impossible to break into. Nevertheless, they are becoming an increasing trend in Brisbane for their reliability and the digital-appeal. Nick Penny, Marketing Director of ASSA Abloy recently stated, “Keyless entry products have begun to take off due to awareness. We are all time poor and this is why keyless products have to take off in Australia in the affluent homeowner segments”. 

Due to their ease-of-use and convenience, Digital locks are the natural evolution of locks in terms of security. Without access to your code or your unlocked phone, it is close to impossible to break into. People usually target homes for break-ins that are in a neighborhood with poor or traditional lock systems. The homes in these neighborhoods need a serious overhaul of their security system and digital locks are the first step. Installing digital locks can be a tricky task and still have serious security issues if not done right. With our modern tools and professional locksmiths with over a decade of experience, your new digital lock will be installed with utmost care and precision, with your safety and security being the primary priority.